CDP Strategic Partner Program

Having the right partners for your development projects is important. From investors to operators, the Concord Development team is committed to bringing together the right partnership in every project.

The CDP Partner Program is offered for qualified partners who meet a specific criteria based on their role within a project.

Owners & Sellers

For current property owners looking to sell or joint venture, the CDP Strategic Partner Program is designed to create an opportunity for you to either sell your asset or joint venture with our team to determine the highest and best use of your asset to maximize both value and returns.

Based on our background in real estate development and acquisitions, we provide our partners with top-tier guidance and support through the development and/or acquisition process. If you are interested in creating an opportunity that can serve a purpose and create potential long-term wealth, then let’s discuss your vision further.

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Senior Living Operators and Management

For senior living operators looking to expand their platform, the CDP Partner Program gives you exclusive and proprietary research from start to finish. From site acquisition to full scale building development and interior design, our team has an end-to-end full service approach to building your next flagship community.


Our development projects – especially in senior living – are always seeking high quality operators who embrace our goal of high-end, high-quality senior living communities.

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Industrial Tenant Partners

Industrial tenants seeking lease options or build-to-suit opportunities, the Concord Development team offers a network of strategically located real estate to serve your distribution needs. Connect with our team to learn more about our open availability in a market near you.

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Multi-Family Expansion Opportunities

High-end luxury living is an option when we partner with investors, developers, and management companies to create real estate assets that deliver impact and value add opportunities.

Commitment To Stakeholders

Leveraging decades of experience in real estate investment and development, the team at Concord Development Partners understands the importance of development projects that deliver results for all stakeholders – from investors to end users.

Our commitment to all stakeholders and partners goes above and beyond the project at hand. We go all-in to help support you as one of our valued CDP Partners. Talk to our team about the CDP Partner Program. Fill out the form below and we will personally call you to discuss this program and the right real estate opportunities.

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