Development Projects by Concord Development Partners

There are many aspects to consider when launching or acquiring new development opportunities. At Concord Development Partners, we aggressively research and target cities that meet the unique requirements for success. 

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With a focus on specific markets across the West, Northwest, Southwest, and Midwest regions, Concord Development Partners’ team has experience in acquiring and developing real estate projects in specific industries and delivering excellent returns.

Current Industries & Projects

Keys to Success in Our Development Areas

Every development project has essential criteria that is required to be successful. CDP uses a strategic analysis model that evaluates our company’s goals and objectives to determine a “Go” or “No Go” decision. 

  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Location and Site Analysis
  • Political and Legal Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

These elements are all critical factors for each and every project.  

Learn more about our development opportunities.

Concord Development Partners has a proven formula for acquiring and developing projects in the senior living, multi-family, and industrial industries.

Based on our criteria and market conditions, Concord Development Partners is focusing on specific cities and counties across the United States. 

Areas for development within our specialized industries include: 

Los Angeles – Long Beach – Anaheim, CA MSA
Chicago – Naperville – Elgin, IL – IN-WI MSA
Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, TX MSA
Houston – Woodlands – Sugar Land, TX MSA
Phoenix – Mesa – Chandler, AZ MSA
San Francisco – Oakland – Berkeley, CA – MSA
Detroit – Warren – Dearborn, MI – MSA
Minneapolis – St. Paul – Bloomington, MN-WI – MSA
Denver – Aurora – Lakewood, CO – MSA
St. Louis, MO-IL – MSA
Cincinnati, OH – MSA
Cleveland – Elyria, OH – MSA
Indianapolis – Carmel – Anderson, IN – MSA

Nashville – Davidson – Murfreesboro – Franklin, TN – MSA
Milwaukee – Waukesha, WI – MSA
Memphis, TN-MS-AR – MSA
New Orleans – Metairie, LA – MSA
Grand Rapids – Kentwood, MI – MSA
Knoxville, TN – MSA
Dayton – Kettering, OH – MSA
Colorado Springs, CO – MSA
Boise City, ID – MSA
Akron, OH – MSA
Madison, WI – MSA
Wichita, KS – MSA
Toledo, OH – MSA

Want to know more? Contact our team.

If you are interested in starting a project in your area, connect with our team. We can discuss opportunity areas near you in any industry. Complete the form below and our team will give you a call.