Private Real Estate Development and Investment strategies that target value-add and opportunistic growth in targeted industries.

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Quality Real Estate Partnership Strategies 

Let us help you bring your project vision from outdated to modern with our world-class approach to creating best-in-class senior living development, multi-family housing, and industrial developments.


The CDP Approach



the right properties through extensive market research and our visionary expansion strategies



award-winning projects through innovative design and strategic locations



with smart investors, operators, & tenants seeking investment options guided by an expert real estate strategy



a connected portfolio of profitable properties for our partners



with a stabilized portfolio that delivers maximum IRR for our partners

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As a Partner, We Will

As an Investor, You Can

Together, we will enhance the quality of life within the real estate asset while maximizing your growth.

Passion for Quality

Our passion for developing quality projects and professional investment strategy allows us to offer the most comprehensive approach to developing commercial real estate across select MSAs  in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan and Hawaii. 

Serving Seniors Through
High-Quality Care Communities

In an industry built to honor and support aging family members, the Concord Development Partners team is committed to creating thoughtful partnerships for development and expansion of best-in-class senior living communities. 

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Expansion Opportunities

High-end luxury living is an option when we partner with investors, developers, and management companies to create multi-family housing real estate assets that deliver impact and value add opportunities.



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Explore Our Industrial
Development Expertise

As local manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing needs increase across the United States, the experienced team at Concord Development Partners is helping provide the right real estate space for expanding infrastructure needs.

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