COVID-19 Impact on Commercial Real Estate

There are many conversations, questions and speculation around navigating today’s market and forecasting for the future.

While there is an abundance of information and analytics available, a better way to gauge the market is to connect with key players, like yourself.

Through many conversations with our existing partners and lenders, we have compiled a list of the most pressing questions everyone is talking about. We have condensed those questions and have prepared this survey for your opinion.

Based on your expertise, you have been selected to participate in this survey. I understand how valuable your time is, so this survey should not take longer than two minutes. The results generated by you and your peers will be an incredible tool to aide you in your decision-making efforts. This survey will be running for the next couple of weeks and the resuts will be shared with all who actively participate.

To gain access to the survey, please click below.

Thank you again and we will get through this together

Brad Ahrens

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